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What are you up to?

Do we want to grow?

7 Powerful Conversations in the book, Lasting Impact, speaks to topics that will help a church grow. The Elders spent 8 weeks combing through the topics in this book. We had honest conversations about communication, cultural trends, generational preferences, leadership, and what are we going to do TO move forward. A list of CONCERNS were made and checked (twice), actually we compared it to the list of 2018 made with Pastor boB.

What ARE some of your ASPIRATIONS for our church? The GAP between concerns and aspirations is where leadership happens with ADAPTIVE CHALLENGES, the actions that take us from our concerns to fulfilling our aspirations. (Please review the graph).

Where is all this leading us?

Presently, WE are UP to expanding the conversation the elders engaged in to YOU. Leaders, that includes you, will be talking about items in the graph in formal and informal groups. If you haven’t had an opportunity to express your idea or opinion, talk with an elder and/or contact Pastor Aerii.

To answer your question, YES, we have done some of this before. This is not a “one and done” process. We have new leaders, different groups, and can check off some of our ASPIRATIONS such as music and technology from the last list. Is everything perfect? Not yet. We don’t lose our past, we keep building on what we have to adapt and help a church grow.

While we have these ongoing discussions for the next year or two, we set up some goals to center our current ministries.

Goals for 2021:

1) Celebrate more --- grab the low hanging fruit

2) Intentionally build relationships in & out of the congregation: hospitality, small groups, outreach, welcoming, evangelism

3) Be a “yes and ….” church, or be an experimenting church.

Goals were also set of 2026 and 2031.

Let’s get started!! Start sharing and talking. WHAT are YOU up TO?

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