Meet The Staff

                      Bob Brite

                      Senior Pastor


Bob is a life-long Disciple.  Born in Wichita, Kansas, raised in Omaha, Nebraska, he graduated from Indiana University (A.B. Psychology) and Christian Theological Seminary (M. Div. with honors).  Bob has served pastorates in: Peoria, Illinois, Winterset, Iowa; Pekin, Illinois; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Ann Arbor, Michigan; and comes to us from an interim pastorate in Evansville, Indiana.  He also spent eight years as an Associate Regional Minister for the Christian Church in IL/WI.

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Leadership Roster


Term Expires 12/31/18      Term Expires 12/31/19      Term Expires 12/31/20

Merle Bailey                          Ruby Zubrod                        Mary Parsons

Barbara Bobbitt                    Allan Cunningham              Juanita Warren

Weldon Borgaard                 Jason McMillan                   Jay Bondurant

Keith Thomson                     Andrea Cook                         Linda Chasson

                                                Diana Wedl                            Ruth Reynolds

                                                Marti  Henrickson                Rita Basom


Term Expires 12/31/18       Term Expires12/31/19       Term 12/31/20

Allan Cunningham                 Kody Zubrod                        Anna Merrell

Jaclyn Bolin                            Jackie Whitehead               Cathy Robinson

Jason McMillan                      Meredith Bondurant           Robin Yetka

Chris McCoy                            Alice Evans                          Bill Staten

Tammy McCoy                        Rita Coonts                           Becky Staten

Eric Twonsend                       Jim Cathcart                        Madison Merrell (Jr) 





Term Expires 12/31/18        Term Expires 12/31/20   Term Expires 12/31/22

Jane Lessenger                      Linda Chasson                  Eric Townsend



Officers of the Board

Offices Expire 12/31/18


Chairperson:  Rick Gano

Vice Chairperson:  Chris McCoy

Secretary:  Leah Taylor

Treasurer:  Rita Basom

Financial Secretary:  Lea Bain 





Finance:    Rita Basom                        Evangelism: Jay and Meredith Bondurant

Outreach:    Alice Evans                      CWF:    Barbara Bobbitt

Stewardship:    Linda Chasson           CMF:    Weldon Borgaard

Worship:    Allan Cunningham            Membership: Jay and Meredith Bondurant 

Property:    Jim Cathcart                         Personnel:    Jane Lessenger

Celebration:    Jane Lessenger               Music Director:  Weldon Borgaard

Youth Ministry:  Teresa Cunningham

Cindy White
Associate Pastor, Congretional Care


Born to a 5th generation Disciples family, Cynthia Lee White now known as Cindy: grew up in Springfield, Illinois.  As a child and young adult she studied ballet and performed in mid-west theaters.  She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from Illinois State University and taught kindergarten and in the then newly formed Head Start Program in her home town.  In 1967 she followed her dream of studying dance seriously and entered a program at the "Texas Christian University."  It was the Vietnam era when Cindy joined the American Red Cross program of Service to Military Hospitals. She received training at San Houston in San Antonio, Texas and serving at the 91st evacuation hospital in Chu Lai, Vietnam.  Returning state side she earned a Masters Degree in Therapeutic Recreation at the University of Maryland.   She worked at an Therapeutic Recreation Specialist at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda Maryland.  She retired from there with 30 years of service. She then earned a Master Degree in Pastoral Care from Loyola University and became a commissioned minister in the National Capital Region.  For the past 9 years she has served as Care Minister at FCC as a commissioned minister in the Rocky Mountain Region of DOC. 



Bethany Wilson-  Office Manager

Karen Bryan - Bookkeeper 

Weldon Borgaard - Music Director

Wade Holzapfel - Organist

Director of Youth Ministry - Teresa Cunningham

Krista Williams - Nursery Attendant

Kassidy Williams - Nursery Attendant