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Building Dreams, Transforming Lives

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In celebration of our 100th anniversary, First Christian Church (FCC) has launched a campaign in partnership with Unaccompanied Students Initiative (U.S.I.) to raise $202,600 by January 2026 to help them build a second home in Cheyenne.

U.S.I. is a non-profit based out of Cheyenne but also works in Casper and in Laramie. They work with homeless teenagers, those kids who often slip through the cracks since they are not emancipated. U.S.I. currently has a home in Cheyenne that can house 10 students from age 16-20.

They work with each student to teach them life skills and to help them get an education. Students must be enrolled in an educational program in order to reside at the house.

While FCC was looking for the cracks, the places where groups of people in Cheyenne were not being served, U.S.I. was doing the same. We both discovered there was a deep need for housing teen moms in Cheyenne.

On average there are three homeless teen mothers in the Laramie County School District #1, at any given time. The goal of U.S.I. and FCC for this campaign is to build a second home on their current property that can house four teen mothers and their babies. They will have some of the same requirements the current students do, like continuing their education.

Right now there is no place for these young women to go in order to provide stability for their children. We want to help provide
that alongside U.S.I.

FCC wishes to work with the community to add to our initial donations to raise funds to build the entire house as our pledge
amount to U.S.I. will not cover the full cost of the building. Please prayerfully consider your donation on this project.

We look forward to partnering with the Cheyenne community.

If you would like to be more involved and be updated about the campaign through January 2026, please contact First Christian
Church at or at 307-634-7878.

For this campaign, we formulated the slogan:
U & I

We are all in this together, this one world, this one state, this one town. We are here to do God’s work, to share love, to share
hope, to raise each other up and be the neighbor and family when there is none. Please consider joining this movement for U.S.I. by making a donation using the option below.

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