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Building Dreams, Transforming Lives - February 2024

We have completed another year of planning fundraisers for the 100th Birthday of our church. A project of building a house that will serve as a home for unhoused teenage moms in Cheyenne. To date, we have raised $112,433.74 in pledges and cash received.

To many, if not all our members, when this project was announced, it seemed to be a daunting and perhaps impossible task to accomplish. But look at what we...YOU...have done!

As we move forward in 2024, please keep praying for this project; that businesses will come forward with either monetary donations or in-kind donations, that the legal aspects of this project will be resolved, that the committee will be blessed with successful ideas for future fundraising and that all is done to give God the Glory.

Each month, an article is included in our Church Bell to give updates on the progress of this project. The church office will insert the most recent amount of funds received or pledged in each article. Anyone who would be willing to write an article is most welcome to do so. Please contact Ruth Reynolds, or the Church office, to give your name and the month you would provide an article or if you have questions on content of the articles!

Thank you!!

Ruth Reynolds




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