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Cheyenne First Christian Church—History Part 7

The 21st century began on January 3, 2000, with the Executive Board meeting to discuss the church’s mission, “New Faith, New Life, and New Hope.” The dedication of the new Ministries building was held on Palm Sunday, April 16. Chris and Tammy McCoy were hired as custodians. On April 27-30, 2000, a very successful Rocky Mtn. Regional Assembly was held. Vera Hall was an inspiring, faithful Christian who had contributed generously to FCC for years. She died on Mother’s Day after a long illness. The Trustees opened a money market account at A.G. Edwards where funds would be liquid. In Sept. 2000, the board voted to become a host church in the Interfaith Hospitality Network program (Family Promise). The first families were hosted in March 2001.

LuAnn Chaffin was hired as the church bookkeeper. After the devastating attack on America on Sept. 11, people needed their faith in God. Services at FCC were held on Sept.14 as the nation mourned. The congregation received a letter of resignation from Rev. Frick dated Oct. 22, 2001, effective Jan. 1, 2002. Though the official anniversary of FCC was Jan. 2, 2001, the celebration was held throughout the month of Nov. Two significant outreach events during the Christmas season were the Angel Tree ministry and the Christmas Basket Ministry. The Pastoral Relations Committee hosted a reception in Fellowship Hall on Dec. 30 to recognize Pastor Frick’s 11 years of service to the church.

In 2002 the Transition Team would interview candidates for Interim Minister. Bob Rueter was hired as Interim Minister. His 1st sermon was Feb. 3,2002. He held Listening Conferences where up to 10 people participated in a question/answer period sharing their thoughts about the status of the congregation and the future. A Diaconate spiritual retreat was held in March. Care Ministry teams were developed.

The Membership Team began work on updating membership rolls, and many fun activities including a 4th of July brunch at Holliday Park, Hawaiian Luau at Mylar Park, and a Cream Can dinner prepared by Earl Reynolds. The Personnel Committee adopted an Employees Handbook to give to employees. Grief Share extended their ministry beyond the church to invite the community.

Rev. Rodger and Pat McDaniel began to develop a “new church community” to provide a ministry to people who did not feel comfortable in traditional churches. Rev. Ron Parker, regional minister, met with the Board in October to discuss the search process. Joanne Vanderbloom (daughter of Nirma and Leonard Green) was hired as Administrative Assistant in November. More in the next installment.




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