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Cheyenne First Christian Church—History Part 5

In 1990 the church held a dinner to celebrate the Centennial of the statehood of Wyoming. There were 30 members of the church who had been active members for 50 years or more. Two workshops offered were Financial Strategies and Beginning Country Swing. A computer was purchased for the office and the organ in the chapel was replaced. The Pulpit Search Committee voted to call Rev. Murray Frick as pastor; he began his ministry December 1, 1990, and was installed on January 6, 1991. Murray and his wife, Sue, were active in community activities: Little Theatre Players, Chamber Singers, and Murray served as a chaplain for the Cheyenne Police Department. Rodger and Pat McDaniel began their work with Habitat for Humanity. FCC donated $1,025 for a house. Marie Parks received her license as a lay minister. The church agreed to host the Habitat for Humanity 15th anniversary work team in August. The Wyoming Habitat for Humanity dedicated its first house on October 12, 1991.

The Building Planning Committee began the process of plans for a new education building. A new sign was placed on the corner of 27th and Carey. Weldon Borgaard, who had served as choir director for 32 years, resigned. Sue Frick assumed the duties of choir director. Organist Lee Everling resigned after 21 years. Marilyn Casner became organist. Members wrote meditations for the 1st Advent Meditation booklet. The first annual chili cook-off was held. The computer tracked the average church attendance in 1991 as 205.

Church members attended a fundraiser for Krista Borgaard to participate in “Up with People.” Rick and Babs Gano became lay leaders of a Marriage Enrichment program. In April 1992 the church purchased the house at 218 W. 26th St. for $83,650. The McDaniels returned in November 1992, having completed their tour as Habitat for Humanity national administrators in Nicaragua. In December, FCC purchased 2 lots at the corner of 26th and Capitol for parking lots. New Christmas decorations were purchased. In 1993 Marie Parks resigned as director of Religious Education/Youth in March. Barbara Bobbitt then became the director. New funds were established to help purchase a grand piano and a new van. A seder service was held on Maundy Thursday.

In May, the 3rd and 4th Habitat for Humanity houses were dedicated. The new hymn of the month allowed new songs. In June, 18 couples were celebrated who had been married 50 or more years. November 27, 1994, was Open Membership Sunday and 20 people joined the church. This is half of the 1990’s so more in a later newsletter.



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