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Cheyenne First Christian Church—History Part 6

The 40th anniversary of the new sanctuary was celebrated in a special service on Sunday, April 3, 1995. An informal service was begun at 8:30 where communion was taken by intinction to accommodate some members to allow adequate seating. The youth were busy throughout the year raising funds for community services, youth programs, the new van, and other events. Vera Hall and Suzanne Gancze each dealt with serious illness. Church members felt a little overwhelmed that such traumatic illnesses happened to two of their favorite members at the same time. Barbara Bobbitt resigned as director of Religious Education and Youth at the end of 1995. In January 1996, Kurt Borgaard was hired as part-time Rel. Educ./Youth director, later titled Associate Minister. Both Kurt and Rodger McDaniel attended classes at Iliff School of Theology each intending to seek a degree in the ministry. Marie Parks continued her education as a licensed lay minister. A new baby grand piano was dedicated March 4, 1996. The youth sold FCC T-shirts & sweatshirts to raise funds. Suzanne Gancze retired due to health reasons, and Vickie Bragdon was hired as administrative assistant.

Outreach held its first annual FUNdraiser for Habitat for Humanity with a giant garage sale and activities in the parking lot.

1997 started with one of the boilers in the old building dying. This involved moving things around. Services were held in fellowship hall. Plans began for a new building. The 1st elders retreat was held at the Greek Orthodox/ Congregational Church Retreat Center at Harriman. Pastor Frick took sabbatical leave to Glasgow, Scotland. Joan Zimmerman, director of Senior ministries, began a “Goin’ to Lunch” bunch every 3rd Sunday. A providential check arrived to repair the engine in the church van. The 2nd annual FUNdraiser for Habitat raised nearly $2,000. In 1998 the Board approved hiring the Kairo fundraising company, and $438,098 was pledged. May 5, 1999 bids for construction of the new bldg. were opened. On Sunday, May 16 the members voted to accept the bid of Spiegelberg Construction. The total project cost was $1,081,566.64. On June 23, a line of spectators watched as a 2500 lb. wrecking ball began taking down the old bldg. Groundbreaking was held after service on Sunday, July 4th. A new CWF group, Lydia, was formed to meet at 1:30 on Thursday. An elders retreat was held at Harriman. Holy Week included a Seder meal by Jews for Jesus. May 28 Kurt and Rodger each received Master of Divinity from Illif. On June 20 Kurt was Ordained. On Oct.10 he was installed as Associate Pastor. More in the next century.


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