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Building Dreams, Transforming Lives - July 2023

While writing this I hear the rumble of thunder and see the rain through the windows. It has been raining longer and for more days than usual. I am praying that it won’t rain during our “Love in Action Fundraiser” for the USI home for homeless teen mothers. By the time this is printed, we shall know the outcome. Perhaps you brought items to be sold, volunteered to help, or made a donation. The community has responded, and God has blessed our efforts. We have come a long way, but we still must go the distance to fulfill our goal of $202,600. This home will provide stability and security for the mothers and their babies.

When we began the campaign to raise funds for the Unaccompanied Students Initiative in June 2022, we gave the congregation the opportunity to sign a Prayer Covenant card to pray both for this congregation and for the initiative throughout the course of the weeks and years of the campaign. Any undertaking should be preceded and covered by prayer. We strive for a community in which people understand, accept, support, and love one another in mutual dependence. This is an amazing thing we are doing for the glory of God.

In January, I posed the questions, “When was the last time you asked God what he wants you to do? When was the last time you asked God what he wants this church to do?” My question today is when was the last time you prayed for this project we have undertaken? Whether you signed a Prayer Covenant card or not, please join us in prayer. To keep the momentum going, we continue asking God for his blessing and power until the completion of this effort to spread love, share hope, and benefit the Cheyenne community. May all we do be done in love and to the glory of God. Pray, people. PRAY!

Merle Bailey

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