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Building Dreams, Transforming Lives - January 2024

We are concluding the second year of our campaign "Building Dreams, Transforming Lives" to build a house for unhoused teenage Moms. Our goal is to raise $202,600 by our 100th birthday in January 2026.

The past months have been filled with various fundraisers, contacting local businesses, individuals, and nonprofits to seek donations for this effort. This project is Our Birthday Present TO the Cheyenne Community.

As of mid December, 2023, we have $109,750.00 in pledges and $105,984.90 cash received. We have done amazingly well so far. We CAN reach our goal!

The U&I 4 USI committee urges everyone to consider contributing to this goal to assist the young women who find themselves in a difficult one ever thinks about being homeless, but sadly it happens. This house will keep young expectant mothers in a safe, healthy environment and insure their ability to finish high school.

No one, young or old, ever expects to be “homeless."

But homelessness happens, sometimes when we least expect it.

USI recently accepted their first pregnant student. This is a need in our community now. This teen has nowhere to go when the child is born as USI’s current facilities can’t accommodate.

Please give serious thought and prayer to contributing to this project. If you have questions, please contact the church office or one of the committee members; Jane Lessenger, Merle Bailey, Judy Osborn, Rita Basom, Linda Chasson, Ruth Reynolds.


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