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Building Dreams, Transforming Lives - December 2023

For the past 18 months each issue of the Bell has included an article providing updated information on the status of our fundraising for the house for teen moms. Following is a review of each month's emphasis:

JANUARY - Focus on what God has called us to do as a church. Prayerfully consider what each of us can do  to make this project succeed. Pray!

FEBRUARY - Urged members to contact businesses and organizations they do business with about the project and inform them how community support is needed.

MARCH - We need to pray - then listen for God's answer - whatever that answer may be.  Follow his guidance.

APRIL - More emphasis on prayer. Make prayer a regular practice in our lives to allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through us so  God is glorified in the project.

MAY - Planning information on the "Love in Action" yard/garage sale to be held in June - one of many fundraisers held.

JUNE - Statistical information on number of homeless students in Wyoming. How our support of building a home that provides housing and support services to expectant teenage moms in Cheyenne will utilize a  holistic approach to help them make enduring and positive changes in their lives.

JULY - The "Love in Action" fundraiser held in June realized approximately $1,753. This was only one of several fundraisers held this year to benefit U&I 4 USI. Again, we were urged to PRAY for this project.

AUGUST - A review of the first 6 months of our endeavors and planning. Promotional materials were developed: banners, pledge and prayer cards, mailings, a kickoff luncheon held. Everyone was encouraged to pray and contact businesses.

SEPTEMBER - Emphasis on how our church has always been a "community church" by providing needed assistance (monetary and time) in our Outreach programs. Through this project, and to celebrate our 100th year in January 2026, this project is our gift TO our community.

OCTOBER - Reiterated how the concept of Building a House for teenage moms came to be (result of a church survey asking members what they considered a major need in the community).

NOVEMBER - We all have gifts that we can contribute:

Gifts of our time, Gifts of expertise and knowledge in various fields - carpentry or electrical for instance along with all the facets that go into building a house, preparing a meal for workers, making  phone calls, "Honey-doers!” Every big job needs the "little things" done along with the major building.  And again CARING,   PRAYING FOR GUIDANCE.

Scriptures referenced in some of the articles:

John 14:2   "Preparing a Place"

Thessalonians 5:17  "Pray continually"

Galatians 6:9  "Be not weary in well-doing"

1 Peter 10  "Use your serve others"

Ruth Reynolds


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