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Building Dreams, Transforming Lives - December 2022

For most Christians, the month of December is filled with plans to celebrate Christmas.


...the birthday of the Baby Jesus

...candlelight services and silence to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas

...a time for family gatherings

...a time for children's eyes aglow with anticipation and excitement

....experiencing the awe and reverence as we hear again the story of the first Christmas

WHAT IF...the innkeeper had not felt compassion for the young soon-to-be mother and for Joseph?

WHAT IF...Mary and Joseph had not been given a warm, safe place for their lodging?

Our church has taken on a huge challenge to raise funds to build a house that will be a shelter and safe haven for young teenage, unwed mothers. Those mothers and their babies deserve to have the same anticipation, excitement and security that all of us sometimes take for granted.

A completely different sort of lodging than what Mary and Joseph were gifted with.

This will be the 100th birthday of our Church...and the decision was made that for our birthday, we give something to the community.

WHAT IF...we let businesses we have contacts know about this campaign.

WHAT IF...they pledge a small amount or a huge amount. Every penny and dollar counts

WHAT IF...all of us offer the same compassion as that innkeeper did so long ago for Mary and Joseph?

WHAT IF...we make the sacrifice, whether big or small, to give money towards the house for young, homeless mothers so they and their babies are safe and warm and secure.


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