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U&I 4 U.S.I. seeking help with reaching out to Key Donors

We are off to a fantastic start with our fundraising to building a house for teen mothers. By the first of August, we had received over $92,000 in pledges and $34,755 in donations.

The next emphasis on fundraising is to contact what are called "Key Donors" which are businesses, foundations, individuals. All of us have companies or acquaintances that we regularly do business with. Take advantage of that association and tell them what our church is doing and why. A brochure, which includes a pledge card, is available to hand to these contacts. Call the Church Office for copies.

When you do make these contacts, please notify the church office so a list can be maintained. This will prevent duplicate contacts to the same business as well as letting the Core Team know.

It has been suggested that the church sponsor a garage sale with proceeds going towards this fundraising. The church has items that are no longer used and selling them will free up space in our building. Your donations will be welcomed also. We do request no clothing. A coordinator for this sale is still being sought. Please prayerfully consider if YOU could be that person.


U & I



And Happy Early Birthday, First Christian Church of Cheyenne!

Ruth Reynolds

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