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U and I for U.S.I.

A project of love, hope, restoration, and passions.

For months, a leadership team from this church has been talking about what we can do to celebrate our 100 year anniversary in 2026. For months we have been praying for direction from God and for hope to abound within us.

And it’s finally here! It’s the month we’re launching a campaign and diving head first into raising funds to help Unaccompanied Student Initiative build a new house specifically designed for teen moms. They hope to be able to house 4 teen moms aged 16-20 as there is an average of 3 homeless in Cheyenne at any given time.

Three young women who are at in the midst of figuring this world out, and we can help them have a safe place to stay, a place where they will be supported and loved through all the mess that is life.

Paul writes in 1 Cor 16:14 “Let all that you do be done in love” (NRSV).

We are to love. Love the least of these and to love one another, and through the raising of these funds, through the deepening of our relationship with U.S.I. and the community, we are loving all those we come into contact with, all those who need love to endure the hardships that life brings.

You will be receive a lot of emails, letters, testimonies about why we are giving and how what we’re doing is making an impact.

I invite you to prayerfully consider how you might give. Whether it be of time, energy, or money. $202,600 is a lot to raise, but I know we can do it, through us and through partnership with the rest of Cheyenne. We will raise a house for those who deserve a home.

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