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Tough Conversations

Tough conversations are never easy to have.

When we started our campaign for Unaccompanied Students Initiative, we wanted to raise $202,600 toward building a house for teen mothers in need. I don’t think anyone on this committee imagined the amazing things that would have happened from it.

At our last meeting, we discussed that $91,000 has been put into CDs already. In a year!! This is hands down amazing. We have spread the word about our congregation and about the work that USI does within the community.

We’ve deepened our partnerships with them by providing tutoring, rides to church, and sending 4 USI kids and a houseparent on our mission trip to Alaska. We will continue to work alongside USI and the work they are already doing.

But again, tough conversations are hard to have.

In November, we announced there was a matching grant from the Amazing Mother’s Foundation, and we celebrated this partnership. Over the last few months, we have tried desperately to get hold of their leaders and have failed to do so. It’s come to our attention that the Amazing Mother’s Foundation doesn’t have the funds to match our grant, and the foundation has fallen apart.

This is a devastation and a disappointment. But we didn’t have the funds until we reached our goal of $202,600, and we know that God will see us through this. In every plan there are always set backs, but we firmly believe that with God nothing is impossible.

All that we do we do in love.

That is our key scripture for this project. And we must continue to love our neighbors even when it’s hard. I know that we will meet our goal of $202,600, and maybe in the process, we’ll inspire some others to donate as well.

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