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The big "E" Word

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

We’ve been skirting around the big “E” word for the past month or so. We’ve been using the word “outreach” instead, hoping that it would be easier for us to comprehend this change we’re trying to make in ourselves.

The big “E” word being evangelism. This is a tough word for us to chew on. It scares us because it says we have to step out of our comfort zones and do something that we wouldn’t normally do. But when we break it down and we look at it in terms of loving God, loving the world, and loving the church, then it should all be things we’re doing anyway.

If we authentically live wholly by loving God, the world, and this church, then there is no doubt that people will want to come join us in this path of discipleship. They will feel the love pulling them toward us because the love of God is amazing in what it can and will do.

This love that we have, for God, for the world, and for the church, isn’t our love. It’s God’s love. It’s a love that is all-powerful and unconditional. It’s a love that knows no bounds. That love, if we channel it, will reach out to others and bring them into the family of God where they can and will experience the same love we do in an organic, natural way. It won’t be a struggle because it’ll be something we regularly do.

We do this all by simply loving God, loving the world, and loving the church with our whole hearts, souls, mind, and strength. This is God’s world. This is God’s church. Our whole being needs to be geared in these three areas and evangelism will take care of itself, outreach will take care of itself.

If only because by loving God, we then love those God created. By loving the world, we want to reach out and take care of God’s flock. And by loving the church, we have a safe haven where these new disciples can grow and learn and thrive in God’s merciful, unconditional, and radical love.

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