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Sticky Reminders

Did you know that I love sticky notes? And Susann just ordered a bunch for the church office. When I opened the box, I was in heaven! But I love sticky notes because I can easily put something on them, something simple, and I can use that as motivation or a reminder.

I have three sticky notes on the bookcase immediately behind my chair in the office. I don’t get to look at them super often, because like I said, they’re behind me, but I often use that bookshelf for the current books I’m reading so I do read them at least weekly. The sticky notes are ones I put there when I started working at this church, coming up on three years ago now.

We have enough!


Perpetually highlight health!


These are three things I need to remember often. It’s so easy to be caught up with the negatives in life, to be cast into the swarm of not good enough and imperfections that attack us. But there is so much to be thankful for here. I saw a comment on Facebook the other day, on a post that highlighted our church from Family Promise.

“Our church seems to be looking better than it ever has! I’m so glad to see it being involved in so much!!”

It was such a beautiful and stark reminder of all we’ve done in this past year, all the things we’re involved in. It seems like we’re busier by the day, which is a good thing, but it’s also easy to get lost in the busyness and to forget the moments to be joyful. So let’s be joyful. Let’s celebrate our abundance of love and passion for Christ, the health that we do have, and our innovation for the present and the future.

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