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September - Stewardship Month

September is stewardship month, and we haven’t talked about stewardship in a very long time in this church. It’s a topic a lot of us avoid, and trust me, I’m with you. I always hated stewardship month growing up. It was talk of money and pledge drives and figuring out budgets. There didn’t seem to be much talk of God.

It’s been placed on my heart through much prayer over the past year that we need to genuinely talk about stewardship in our church, and we need to start that conversation with talk about God. You see, we are the stewards of God’s world. And that means something incredible.

Throughout the month of September, I’ll be preaching on stewardship, but I’ll be doing it in a new way. There will be talk about what stewardship means for us as Christians, the competition we face with who wants and needs our time, money, energy, the challenge of being faithful stewards, and the commitment it takes for us to be good faithful stewards. We will, yes, talk about money, but we will also talk about this world and how to be faithful to our faith and our God.

Through stewardship we become better Christians, better mentors to those who are just now beginning to grow up in the Christian faith. But without us actually talking about it, on a regular basis I might add, then it becomes this far off distant thing we forget about. It becomes something that we forget we need to practice with regularity, with faith, with intentionality.

Stewardship isn’t about money. It’s about taking care of everything that God has given us, about lifting up God’s name and cherishing the gift of life we have.

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