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Little Bites, Big Bites are all good bites

I would like to thank the women of the CWF board for getting the initial 40 Texas Roadhouse Gift cards disbursed and getting the word out about the Dine-to-Donate.

Thanks to Susann for all the technology connections she made to spread the word about Dine-to-Donate. Also, thank you to the congregation for all the support for this fundraiser.

I hope all the recipients of the gift cards and those who went Monday, Nov. 7th dining and donating had /have a great meal. It was especially helpful to have our volunteers at the entry table on the 7th to make the connections with diners, thank you for your special efforts.

Besides the $595.50 raised for the Building Dreams – Transforming Lives U.S.I. campaign you raised awareness of the campaign and First Christian Church to many community members. First Christian Church is part of their community and reaching out to help address an important cause.

Thank you!!

Jane Lessenger

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