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Joyful Announcement

On November 20th, I was able to joyfully announce during worship service that we are partnering with the Amazing Mother’s Foundation for our U&I 4 U.S.I. campaign! And not only is it amazing to be working with another wonderful group in Cheyenne, but they have decided to match our goal.

That’s right, match it!

Meaning we’ll be raising $405,200 for Unaccompanied Students Initiative so long as we can fulfil our part of the pledge.

This is answered prayer. This amount should cover the building of the entire house, or darn near close to it. USI is working with another church in Cheyenne with a grant to help purchase some land where they can build the home.

This project is truly coming together like it was meant to. It is now a community project. It is now a Cheyenne project. We’re coming together to help houseless teen moms, and to offer them support and stability and education.

We had a celebration last month to join with our partners and to join together in raising up a “Hallelujah!” of thanks. With God ANYTHING is possible.

But we can’t stop yet. We still need to fulfil our part of our goal in order to receive the full matching donation. That means we need to continue to raise money through the next three years. However, I know we can do it. I’ve seen what we can already do.

Do everything in love.

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