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God is in Charge of Change

We’re on an adventure. We’re going through these days wondering when the next new thing is going to hit us, and sometimes it’s a scary thought. I’m honestly not sure where it’ll come from, but I do know we have to be prepared.

Our church is starting new ministries. Our church is going through growing pains, working to settle down before we move and change again. There’s a lot in this that makes us uncomfortable, unsure.

But remember, change is our only constant, and God is in charge of that change.

As we evaluate where we are in ministry, what we’re doing, and where God is calling us to go, there will be resistance. All of us will struggle with one thing or the other. There are difference kinds of unmovable church members, but if we can work past our desire to cling on to the past and live for the future, then we can become united and become a moving force for God.

We’ve felt the Holy Spirit rain down on us, we’ve been called to baptism, to sharing and spreading the word of God with all those we meet. We know evangelism has to be where growth starts, evangelism in ourselves and then it will move outward like the fires and winds of Pentecost. We need to stop being unmovable, we need to set aside our reasons for clinging, and spring forth into the new life God is offering us.

As we stop and pray in this coming year, as we listen to where God is calling us to move and grow and go, I invite you to join in the prayers. I invite you to join in the invitations. I invite you to step OUT of your comfort zone and to try something new, something that will unite us together as one family in God, something that will join us together with a cause in mind, something that will move mountains.

Take the adventure that’s being handed to us, and let’s go on a trip to see where it leads us.

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