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Go for the Chaotic Edge

June has been a chaotic month, probably one of the busiest months I’ve ever had in ministry. I’ve always loved to look at patterns, and one think I noticed early on in ministry is that the summer rhythm to the church is vastly different than the rest of the year. We have some really intense weeks during the summer, and then we get this really quiet lull afterward.

When we look at church history as a whole we can see this pattern too. Lots of really busy years or decades in the church, and then a quieter lull afterward.

What propels us out of that lull? Sometimes I think it’s fear. Fear of what might happen if we don’t leave the quiet, if we don’t have the energy or the excitement anymore. Sometimes I think it’s just the pull of the Holy Spirit, driving us somewhere we least expect it.

The church, not just FCC in Cheyenne, but the bigger understanding of church is in one of these lulls. And we’re all a little afraid of what’s going to happen next. Some of us are sitting back and waiting to see, others are making moves to change.

But the conversations are happening. We’re seeing the patterns. And we’re longing for “the old days” and by that I mean the energy, the excitement, the growth, the joy, the laughter, the friends, and the family. And we can have that again. It just takes some work. And it takes being prepared for the chaotic edge that we’re seeking.

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