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Faith Stories

A discussion of evangelism has been rampant lately. With the ads in the Superbowl to the fliers advocating for the “correct” version of the Bible to be used in our church that were left on the cars in the parking lot one Sunday, we’re inundated with different attempts at evangelism.

Some of these methods are gut punches. We don’t like them as believers, and it’s easy to imagine those who are unchurched falling even farther away from the church should they receive something like this. I’m sure it helps some come closer to Christ, but it is certainly not our preferred method of evangelism.

As culture continues to change around us so do our methods of how we share the gospel message. Going door to door in pairs of two might not be welcome anymore. I know when people show up at my door, I’m always hesitant to answer it.

But that doesn’t excuse us from having to share the gospel. I define sharing the gospel as sharing our faith stories, the difference that Christ makes in our individual lives, and how by being connected with a congregation, we flourish with Christ and other Christians by our sides. It’s not damning people to hell or telling someone they’re out because they don’t conform to our ideals. It’s storytelling.

We all love a good story, right?

We learn and remember things so much better in stories, but when they are personal stories, our stories, then they make that much of a bigger impact in those who hear them. So tell your story. How has Jesus made an impact in your life? How has the church made a difference for you? Why are you a Christian?

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