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COVID-19 Update

Hi all!

The COVID team has met, and after looking at local and state regulations, we have decided to return to business as usual. This means that masks are no longer required inside the building.

We do want to remind you to stay home if you are feeling sick, this includes slight colds. We have an amazing congregation that does what needs to be done, but this is one of those times it is okay to bow out and stay home.

The worship team has met and will slowly be phasing out modifications and distancing in the upcoming months. Communion will continue to be prepackaged for the time being.

For those of you that are planning or organizing events, that process is returning to business as usual too. That does mean that, although there are no additional COVID restrictions, all health department guidelines still need to be followed.

The COVID committee appreciates your patience as we have navigated this last year. We look forward to watching the church grow as we come back together in person. We look forward to small groups returning and growing. We look forward to watching Sunday service continue to grow in-person and on-line. We look forward to sharing our joy with our heavenly father and all our current and future members of the congregation.

Here are exciting times to come!

Ruby Zubrod, COVID Team Lead


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