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COVID-19 Update

On December 2, the COVID-19 Leadership Team met to discuss the increase in cases in Laramie county and what it might mean for us as a church.

The mask mandate for Laramie County was renewed until January 4th, 2021, and they are no longer exempting churches. Masks will be required as soon as you enter the building of the church, and you must wear them until you leave the church building. This is for the safety and protection of all congregants, guests to the church, and staff. Please make sure you are wearing your mask properly, above the nose and tight against your cheeks to help stop the spread of this virus.

We will have in person worship December 6, 13, and 20 on Sunday morning. We will also have in person service for our Blue Christmas Service on December 21st at 6 pm in the Sanctuary. Please reserve your spot for this service as we are limiting it to 50 people. You can make reservations by calling the church office or going to our website.

Christmas Eve worship services will no longer be in person. We will continue to have our worship service online ONLY on our YouTube Channel.

Beginning December 27th, we will only have online worship services and no longer have in person services for Sunday morning. We're hoping we can meet again in person at the beginning of Lent (February 21), but we will re-evaluate as the weeks pass.

One thing that was clear through our conversation was this is for the protection of as many people as possible. With the high numbers of COVID-19 in our community, we have to make sure we're taking as many precautions as possible.

Thank you for understanding, and please continue to pray for our church, our church family, our family in Cheyenne, and this world as we all deal with this pandemic.

If you have questions, contact Pastor Aerii or Board Chair Chris McCoy.

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