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Conversations within FCC Cheyenne

In January and February, I spent a lot of time with the elders. Not only was I getting to learn even more about this congregation, our past, our history, but I was also looking for and listening to hopes for the future.

We started a discussion in those two months about looking toward the future of the church. We spent time in DEEP discussion as we asked some essential questions and learned from each other.

This conversation is by no means done and over with. In some ways, it never will be. This conversation is ongoing—always and forever. We are always listening to God and the movement of the Spirit in this congregation.

As we left our discussion we talked about the Gap Exercise, which some of you may have heard about already. In a nutshell, we looked at the concerns for the church and the aspirations for the church. The gap is what’s in the middle, is where we are currently, and is where all movement and leadership happens as we hopefully move toward our aspirations.

As this conversation is ongoing, we will be bringing a more formal discussion to other groups in the church. We will also be having more information discussions about the future aspirations of the congregation as we work in the next 1-2 years to really find the mission and vision and direction God is calling for us to go.

Be on the lookout for these conversations. Start them yourselves. Remember, the first rule to having a conversation is listening. The second rule is never tossing out an idea, say yes, learn from what is thrown on the table, nothing is impossible with God.

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