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Building Dreams, Transforming Lives - October 2023

As of September 12, 2023, we have $93,305.94 actual donations/ funds received and in the account at Edward R. Jones. The $111,910.00 pledged as of the same date includes money that will be received up through December 2026. The intent when the decision was made to Build the House for teenage mothers was, and still is, to give back to the Cheyenne community....

To GIVE our community a birthday present FROM First Christian Church to celebrate the 100 years of our church existence in this community.

The intent is not that our church congregation would be responsible to raise all the funds -- but that we would solicit surrounding businesses to also contribute and be a part of this project...whether contributions are monetary or "in kind".

Prior to making the decision for this project, members were asked to complete a survey listing what they, as individuals, considered the most pressing problem that our community was facing. The top three were: Youth, Homeless, and Veterans. Upon doing further research, the absence in Cheyenne of a safe place for young teen mothers was brought to light. Thus, the decision to "Build a House" was born and the announcement was made in June 2022 that our church would be starting the campaign to raise the funds.

We are less than half way into this campaign and already the $93,305.94 represents nearly HALF of the $202,600 needed. This house will provide safety and security for up to four young women and their babies.

Pledges can be set up to be paid in any increment, in any time frame, and if situations change, can be altered. Pledges and donations will be accepted by contacting the church office.

The Campaign committee is comprised of the following:

Jane Lessenger, Chairman; Merle Bailey, Prayer; Rick Gano, Key Donor; Rita Basom and Linda Chasson, Finance; Ruth Reynolds, Community Events and Communication; and Pastor Aerii, Ex-Officio. The committee meets monthly to discuss accomplishments and plans for the future. Several fund raisers have already been held and there are additional plans for the future. If anyone has questions or suggestions, feel free to call any committee member, the church office or Pastor Aerii.

Keep in mind Galatians 6:9 -- “Be not weary in well-doing, for in due season, we shall reap if we faint not.”

Ruth Reynolds

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