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Building Dreams, Transforming Lives - May 2024

In Aerii's April 14th sermon message, she urged all of us to think about what we have been called to do to further Christ's kingdom.

Her message caused me to think about what have I been called to do?

What has our Church as a whole been called to do?

Our commitment and decision to raise funds to build a house for unwed mothers came to mind. This is, of course, a huge "calling". But it is one that we can accomplish by working together.

It is one that we are already seeing much done...$120,550.01, as of mid April, already raised in cash, plus the pledges that have been made that will be met by December 2025.

All of us can recognize and meet this calling by offering what we can do as individuals, and as a group, to further the accomplishment of this goal.

Remember, this is our way of giving a gift TO our city for our 100th birthday as a congregation in Cheyenne.

What is YOUR calling?

Ruth Reynolds

*Every second Sunday of the month, we will participate in our Papa John’s pizza fundraiser which support our campaign.


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