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Building Dreams, Transforming Lives - March 2023

I recently heard a politician reply to the question "Are you running for office again". His answer was "I am praying about that decision and if I believe I am being called by God, then I will run."

Each of us, as Christians, need to pray and then listen for God's answer to prayer.

Praying...and listening... for God's answer… Is He calling me? How do I respond to that call? Do I respond?

We, as a church, have been challenged with a call, to raise $202,600 by our 100th birthday anniversary in January 2026, to build a house that can be a home for unhoused teenage mothers and their babies.

In November, 2022, we were blessed with the public announcement that the Amazing Mothers Foundation will partner with us by matching our pledges and donations, so we now have $405,200 with which to build. That "match" is amazing—thanks be to God that Amazing Mothers Foundation felt this project worthwhile.

Every dollar contributed/pledged will make a difference. Don't be discouraged if contacts offer a small dollar amount. Or, some businesses or individuals may choose to provide "in-kind" support; ie., lumber, electrical, paint, windows, labor… anything needed to build this house… to


A group contacted by the author of this article is donating $100.00 in March 2023 from their club that has only nine members. This amount is huge, considering their small membership.




We need to pray, to listen for God's call, then answer this challenge, and with God's help, move forward to Building this Dream.

As a church, we have over half of the $202,600.

Ruth Reynolds

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