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Building Dreams, Transforming Lives - February 2023

When Jesus told his disciples that he was "going to prepare a place" for them (John 14:2), they could not comprehend what that meant and how or where that would be.

Our Church, First Christian of Cheyenne, has committed to a project to "prepare a place" for unwed, teenage mothers -- a house that will provide safety, security and stability for young mothers who find themselves in an almost unbelievable situation of wondering HOW they and their baby will cope and survive in the months ahead.

This house will be a place that will be dedicated to giving these young women Christian love, support and guidance. Utilizing various sources of fund raising, the goal is to raise $202,600 by January 2026 to build the house. And with a matching amount of $202,600 from the Amazing Mothers Foundation which was publicly announced in November, this goal challenges us even more to strive for that "magic" number.

The church team members of "U & I 4 U S I" are diligently working towards getting financial and in-kind support from businesses and individuals. As of January 8, 2023, with a total of $144,814, pledges and cash received, we are over half way to our church goal! Let's keep that momentum to businesses YOU work with, tell friends and organizations YOU belong to of the project --- every donation, whether large or small counts.

As we approach the time of Lent -- a "looking forward" to the promise Christ gave everyone of us that "a place is prepared for you", that love will abound there, please keep this project on your mind and in your prayers as a demonstration of love, this visible sign of support for young, unwed mothers and their babies. If you have businesses that you believe might be interested in assisting with this project, but would like someone from the team do the contacting, call the Church office for a list of the team members, or talk to our Pastor or the chairman of the team.

Ruth Reynolds

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