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Building Dreams, Transforming Lives - April 2024

Elvis Lives On!

Boy does he!

The Building Dreams – Transforming Lives First Christian Church U.S.I. campaign had a successful evening Saturday, March 23rd. The Elvis Experience Band came with a piano player, two guitars, a drummer, two backup singers, and well we all thought it was Elvis, but it was George Gray, an Elvis tribute artist. About 125 concert goes and 12 ROTC members were entertained for over an hour and a half of Elvis music. Elvis had audience members come on stage and he came down into the audience a couple of times. There were young people dancing down in front of the stage. Elvis shared wrist bands that say God Loves You on the inside and a couple of scarfs with the audience. He talked about the campaign and noted it was great when Christian come together for a cause such as ours.

How did all this great time happen? Ron & Charlotte Shetler came with the idea and the USI committee gave it a thumbs up. They also spent hours going into businesses asking them to display advertising. I think between them and myself 100+ postings were done. If you still see them up, you could mention to the business it’s ok to take it down. All the churches in town received a mailing of a letter and a poster, and besides Facebook other social media and radio PSA’s got the word out. A tremendous amount of set up came from Susann, generating ticket options, creating publicity flyers & posters, making media connections, printing raffle tickets and programs, and following up with ticket sales. Did you see the TV5 spot – that brought in some audience. By the way, George, as a Pirate Radio DJ, raffled off a couple of tickets and a few more people came from Colorado.  Jessica Wakefield from LCSD#1 music dept. supplied music stands and helped get the word out around the Admin. Bldg. Rita B. and Charlotte sold tickets, ROTC & National Honor Society students ushered.  Ron helped with the back door and the band was grateful for his prayer before going on stage.

Here’s the good news. Mort’s Bagels, Underwood Flowers & Gifts, Papa Johns Pizza, The Lock Shop of Cheyenne, The Brake Stop, Kauffman Chiropractic, and the R & B Breakfast Club as sponsors covered the cost of the entertainers and venue in full, and a little more. The Pour Decisions Bar & Grill $40.00 gift certificate raffle brought in $109.00. Cash ticket sales that evening were around $900 and on-line sales are running around $1,400.00. Of course, there were costs for printing, mailing, etc. and those are to be covered by the funds received from the Disciples Church Extension Fund. Looking for a final total - around $2,500.00 into the USI campaign.

There would not be the sweet smell of success without these people and businesses, so let them know when you see them. I, myself, had a fantastic time and am so grateful for everyone’s contributions!!!

Thank you, Jane Lessenger


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