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Building Dreams, Transforming Lives - April 2023

The best way to hear from God, is to stop and listen. We have to become aware of God’s presence in our lives and then aware of what God is saying to us. Years ago, we did this when we were looking to see where God was leading us next as we get closer to celebrating out 100th birthday as a church.

It’s imperative that we routinely stop to do this. In May, on May 28th and the Sunday before we celebrate the fact that we have been in our campaign for a year, we’re going to do this again. Making this a regular practice of our lives as individuals and as the church will allow the Holy Spirit to work more freely within us and through us.

On May 28th, and you’ll read and hear more about this, we’re going to partake in a prayer walk around the church and a 12-hour vigil. It’s time we will spend together in prayer and discernment for our congregation as we move forward, for where our next steps will be as a church and congregation, and where our action will happen.

We have spent a year getting excited about the future possibilities of this church, and we thank God every day for them. We have deepened our connections with the Cheyenne community and will continue to do that moving forward.

This is how we deepen our connection with God and the directions God is calling us to go.

Please continue to pray for our congregation, our campaign, and our way forward as we take precarious steps to stop, become aware, listen to the voice of God, and then act.

Pastor Aerii Smith

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