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Beginning of a New Christian Year

We are at the beginning of a new year. The Christian year actually starts with Advent, not with January, so we’re already in the beginning. I love beginnings. There’s usually so much hope for the future, so much hope for what may come, that it’s uncontainable.

While I did my last Bethany Fellows retreat, we were given a book. And for months now I have been unable to get a poem out of my mind. It’s written by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer.

Hope has holes

in its pockets.

It leaves trails

so that we,

when anxious,

can follow it.

Hope’s secret:

it doesn’t know

the destination—

it knows only

that all roads

begin with one

foot in front

of the other.

This is about where I feel our life as FCC Cheyenne is at. We’re starting to find those crumb trails hope has left us. We’re looking for them for the first time in years. This is why our ministry and outreach and mission in Cheyenne is so important and prominent in our conversations. It’s why we’re coming together to be unified in our hope for what this church can and will look like in the future.

It’s why we have goals and why we’re looking toward the future. This is our moment, and I know we’re going to grasp onto it and find our future.

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