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100 year Ministry Anniversary is Coming Up!

There has been some talk going on in the church. We’re coming up on close to 100 years being in ministry. This is AMAZING! And you’re going to hear us talking about it for probably the next four years or so as we head toward January 2026.

We recently formed a team to look into how we can best celebrate and honor 100 years in ministry in Cheyenne and with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and we have had a lot of amazing conversations and discussions. We’re not looking at just throwing a big party. Don’t worry, a party will definitely be involved.


We want to honor those saints who have gone before us, those saints who did the hard work of starting ministry, of starting a new church, of taking big risks for what they believed God was calling them to do. We want to live into that memory and do the same.

We have been discussing doing some kind of big project or ministry in our community, starting something fresh and new where we can make an impact for God’s kingdom. Having four years to play and raise funds to do whatever it is we want, we believe it’s important to start these conversations now.

And we need your help to do it.

We have talked endlessly about all the things we have done in the past. Helping to be founding members of Habitat for Humanity, Needs Inc., Family Promise, and more. Participating in so many outreach and non-profits like COMEA, Wyoming Coalition of the Homeless, Tennyson Center, and even more (so many I cannot name them all).

We want to do something new. Something that may carrying on our mission of serving a need in our community that aligns with our own core values of spreading Christ’s love, serving our community, and being community in Cheyenne.

This is so important to us and to God. We are here to make a different, to share the good news, to be God’s people for others. So help us.

Tell us where you want us to focus. In this bell is a survey. I want you to take it and turn it in to us. Mail it to the church, bring it on Sunday, email us your response. Let us know how you want us to continue our ministry in the next generation of First Christian Church of Cheyenne, WY.

Who do you want to share the gospel and Christ’s love with:

· Seniors

· Veterans

· Homeless

· Youth

· Nesting/Mentoring a new church

· Sex trafficking/sexual assault survivors

· Others

Let us know how you think we can best love those in Cheyenne and best use our resources and gifts to give to this community the love and trust we have in Christ.

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