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We are a Community ready to Flourish

A year and a half, and it has flown by. It’s almost hard to imagine. So much has changed in this past year and a half since I started ministry with all of you and we began working together. Most of the changes have been very small, but not all. Coming back together for worship has been huge. It’s been a blessing to get to finally meet some of you and know that I have yet to meet others. But it’s not just you I’m getting to know, it’s also Cheyenne and the community that is this city.

We are a community. And it is through the legacy of relationships with each other that faith, love, mercy, and hope all carry on to the next. As we begin 2022, I know I need that reminder. I recently started reading Wholehearted Faith, which is Rachel Held Evans’ last book that she started but never completed before she died.

In it, she talks about all the women who said yes. Because they said yes, she was able to say yes. Relationships are so very important to our understanding of the world—ask any psychologist or therapist.

How we interact with others is important. How we speak to someone, love someone, believe alongside someone is all important.

This was the main reason for switching up how we run Kid’s Zone. We want the children of this church to know the adults of this church, to build that mentorship right in to their very discipleship of faith. We want them to feel as connected and as integral to the very existence of the congregation. We want them to have a relationship with the Holy.

As we grow and move and learn, we experience growing pains. It’s a good thing. It doesn’t feel the greatest at the time, but growing is all we are called to do. To grow in the Lord, to grow in our faith, to grow in our sharing of the Good News. So let’s not just grow in 2022 and for the foreseeable future—let’s flourish.


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