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Kids Zone adapting to Change

I knew that when I started as the youth pastor in January 2020, I would have to do some mending with the youth and parents. I did a three-month stint as the Kid Zone Sunday school teacher in 2017, and suddenly moved because of personal circumstances. However, I never stopped thinking about FCC and my calling to youth ministry. I continued my ministry in Virginia, which has helped me grow and cemented my calling.

I was not, however, prepared to be reconnecting with the youth while we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. It has been challenging, frustrating, and beautiful. Kids Zone has not been the same throughout this experience because it could not be. But, there is also a silver lining; I have had the chance to get know some of the youth more personally and in more “relaxed” settings. I am amazed by the youth and kids we have in our church, their dreams, and their paths with Christ are truly inspiring.

We have had in-person/virtual campfires and dinners. We have had fundraiser and supply drives, all helping our community. As a part of the discussion with the youth and parents through the last 18 months, we have reclaimed EV Hall. We have plans for EV Hall come fall and the youth are excited about it. We started cleaning up EV Hall and the many Youth storage spots. We have ideas for different fundraisers and volunteer opportunities. So stay tuned and watch out for announcements from the youth.

Kids Zone will officially change and grow into something new. We will split into Youth Zone and Kids Zone depending on age, and we will start things back up on September 12th, 2021. Through discussions with church leadership and parents, we believe that for this church to grow and be here for generations to come, it is important that the kids and youth are a part of the service. Therefore, youth and children events will not be taking place during Sunday morning service. You can read more about it, in the next two articles.

FCC Youth Zone

Starting September 12, 2021, youth grades 6 through 12 are invited to join us in FCC Youth Zone, in EV Hall. The Youth Pastor will lead this group, unless she will need a Sunday off or there is a special holiday service. Youth Zone will meet from 12 until 1/1:30 pm and participate in focused youth studies. The first set of youth studies is available. If you need your books, please reach out to Susann.

Our first series is the Merge Series for Youth:

Young adults are seeking spiritual significance that goes beyond authoritative religious teachings. They want a journey that is their own. They want their reality and spirituality to merge.

Merge is a set of group studies for a new generation emerging into authentic spirituality. It offers spiritual formation through relationship rather than convention or tradition.

Each Merge study is an independent, four-week guide for young adult reading and study groups, within or beyond the church walls.

The series includes:

· Spiritual Reality - Spiritual life as both inward and outward

· Here After - Spiritual life as both present and future

· Divine Chaos - Spiritual life as both human and divine

· Inside Out - Spiritual life in and beyond the church

FCC Kids Zone

Kids Zone will encompass grades Pre-K to 5th. It will be held on Sunday mornings from 9:30 am to 10:15 am, so that the kids can join the service or join our awesome nursery staff.

It will be taught in an 8-week cycle, therefore we will need 7 teachers as the Youth Pastor will teach at least one lesson each cycle. Each week focuses on a different type of learning but on the same lesson. This helps the kids learn the scripture really well, adults to teach to their strengths, and kids who cannot be with us every week to still be able to follow along with what is being taught. The materials will be provided by the Youth Pastor.

If you enjoy art, music, cooking, mission/outreach, games, movies/video, and storytelling and have a passion for children growing up in our church, we are looking for you to teach one Sunday every 8 weeks. We want the kids of this church to know the members of this church, to create relationships with everyone.

Sign ups need to take place before September so all necessary documentation and paperwork can be finished before we start. Please contact Susann if you would like to build relationships with the kids of FCC.

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