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Where does God want us to Go?

We have talked about how to move forward as a church since before I was called to be the senior minister here. It’s a discussion that will always be ongoing. Where does God want us to go? What does God want us to do? How does God want us to do this?

Those are some key questions we need to continually ask ourselves individually and as a congregation. One thing that has come up repeatedly is how we need to be more outwardly focused, how we need to become a strongly missional church. We are mission. We do all kinds of mission work, but it seems that we’re not good at communicating what we do to those within the congregation and those without.

This past summer we started meeting to think about our 100 year anniversary celebration and just what it was we might want to do for it. Yes, it’s a huge celebration, something to be happy and excited for. It’s in four years, by the way, 2026, so save the date!

But we wanted to do more. We want to honor what we have done for the last 100 years by looking at what we can and will do for the next 100 years. We want to do something BIG. And I mean, BIG. We want to share with the community our excitement over our ministries, we want to do what God has been calling us to do and let that thrive and multiply.

As a committee, we’ve been talking and gathering ideas and figuring out plans. Nothing too specific yet. We know we want this to be big and exciting, that it will take time, dedication, money, and so many gifts from God to get whatever it is accomplished.

We are considering raising a large sum of money to either partner with other nonprofits in Cheyenne, start our own new ministry (like Habitat for Humanity, Family Promise, Needs, etc.), or a combination of both—partnering and starting. This is something we’re good at. We’ve done it before, and we certainly can do it again. It will honor 100 beautiful years of ministry in Cheyenne and give us a legacy to keep on building.

So for the month of October, start thinking about what you would like to see us do as a church, and then most importantly, let us know what you’re thinking. We want ALL the ideas right now. Let’s get creative, let’s get excited, let’s get to work on God’s impact in our community.

Where does God want us to go?

What does God want us to do?

Where are we needed in Cheyenne, WY?

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