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When does Spring start?

I honestly struggled to wait for spring this year, and for me, Easter really brings that home. It’s not the date in March when spring officially starts—it’s Easter. It’s the start of something new, because isn’t that what Easter is really about?

We’ve been looking at different questions throughout Lent, questions about faith and God and Jesus. The last question we end on is “Is there hope?” which I feel is a very pertinent question.

Spring, for me, shows hope. From the budding flowers, the warmth and green all around in nature, but it also brings a lot of talk of the future, the near future and the further future, of plans that have been made and are continuing to be made.

We’re slowly coming out of a year long Lent that started March of 2020. And I feel I can adequately say that now. There is hope for the future, for the changes that can and will be made, for life to go on—perhaps a little different than before, but still moving forward.

I’m typically a forward-looking kind of person if you haven’t figured that out by now. I like to see the vision of the future. The crucifixion and resurrection are perfect places to see this break from the old and forward movement into the new. It is a moment in time that recognizes a huge change to Jesus’ followers lives and how they were to do their ministry.

Suddenly, they had to become the leaders they were training to be. Some of us have been in training to be leaders for a long time, years or even decades. Perhaps it’s time for you to take that step toward becoming a leader, toward finding something you can teach to someone else.

We are here to learn as much as we are here to teach. There is only hope if we believe, and if we show it to others who are searching and looking. Jesus died so we’d know there was hope. Let’s take that hope, and let its light shine in all directions.


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