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Building Dreams, Transforming Lives - May 2023


JUNE 16-17, 2023

8 A.M. TO 3 P.M.

Imagine yourself a teenager and homeless. The W words come alive-what, when where, how, etc. Then imagine yourself as a homeless teen mother. Same questions. Enter USI providing a home for teenagers with much help from the community.

Now USI starts discussing building a home for homeless teen mothers and God guides First Christian Church to this wonderful project. We started the process of fundraising not quite a year ago. It is amazing how far God has brought us in this mission. Last fall, God moved Amazing Mother's Foundation to match our fundraising goal of $202,600.00. Then St. Marks Episcopal joined in by granting money to buy the land for the teen mothers home. Amazing!!!

The 100th Anniversary Committee starting talk about fundraising events. The one that kept coming back to us was some type of yard-garage sale-who will organize it, what do we want for the sale, etc. Yes, we have an organizer. A young lady named Mona from the USAF and her fellow airmen will be doing the hard part. They were looking for a volunteer opportunity and here we were! Not only will they help organize and move items, they will be bring much needed items to sell. Items we are looking to sell are, furniture, small kitchen appliances and collectibles. Items not wanted-clothes, DVDs, CDs, knickknacks, electronics and books. On June 12th, your items can be brought to church—NOT BEFORE.

Volunteers will be needed to help people with choosing items and answering questions and setting up. The airmen will do the heavy lifting. Cash and credit card payment will be accepted —there will be a minimum for credit card purchases.

If you are wanting to volunteer, Andrea Cook will be making a list and schedule. All proceeds will go the USI campaign. God is with us and is guiding us!!!

Judy Osborn

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