Chuckwagon Service, July 21st,  2019




July 4rth Picnic!

Vacation Bible School 2019:June 25,26 & 27.

VBS was headed up by Teresa Cunningham. She worked very hard to help everything go well. Thank you Teresa for all your hard work! And thank you to all the helpers and volunteers who helped to put together, organize, decorate, and teach!! Everyone is highly appreciated!

A Look on the Brite Side    September 2019

Around September 1st, the Search Committee will start receiving resumes for a called pastor.  The process is somewhat lengthy and complex, requiring multiple levels of interviews before settling on one candidate to present to the Board and Congregation.  It could take up to a year, or even two, before that candidate comes before you.  The reason for that is largely the huge ebb-and-flow of candidates; some accept other positions before the Search Committee can interview, and others might decide not to consider the congregation for their own reasons.  It’s a messy, back-and-forth, up-and-down, very holy process of determining who God may be called to First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The candidate may be married or single, female or male, gay or straight; the only real commonality that the Committee has settled on is that it has to be someone somewhat younger that I am, and even that could change if a really gifted soul comes through and stands out.


It has been suggested to the Committee that, during their interviews and deliberations, people be in the church chapel and at home to pray.  For that reason we will try to get the word out when the Committee meets.  If you happen to be in the building when they are meeting, please don’t disturb them or ask questions of them about candidates.  The process is strictly confidential until the finalist is presented to the church.


Please pray for Rita Basom, Rick Gano, Anna Merrell, Robyn Yetka, Terry Gonsior, and a new member to be determined as they embark on this search for God’s choice for FCC.  And feel free to pass along any discernments you might have about the type of candidate you’d like to see.  Y’all are a good congregation of disciples and Disciples.  I hope to read in the future about the great things you’ll be doing once I step aside for the new person.

I’d STILL like to see YOU on Sundays,

Pastor boB

Senior Trips   September 2019

On September 6th we plan to visit the Salvation Army in Cheyenne where Lt. Chad will give us a tour.  FCC aids the Salvation Army with our church’s Outreach Program.  It will be interesting to see first hand how the gifts of our congregation are used to aid in the continuation of Salvation Army services in our community.  We will meet at 1:00pm at the church for our 1:30pm visit.  Please sign up for this outing with Pastor Cindy by calling 433-8433.

Event has been cancelled and will be rescheduled.


  -Pastor Cindy White

THANK YOU’s TO THE CONGREGATION: Needs, 586 cans of Tuna for the year. At the end of July we should have 700 cans—Keep up the good work- we’ll make it!

A letter of appreciation was received for our contribution of $410 for 41 blankets from Church World Service. NOTICE, the Bulletin Board in Fellowship Hall—a display of Thank You’s for the gifts of animals, nets and soccer balls from World Vision. Thanks to John and Andrea Cook for getting this order ready and sent. Thanks from Voice of the Martyrs for the quarterly giving of plastic ware and snacks.

COMEA: The team of Merle Bailey served 60 in June and the Alice Evans team served 60 in August.

The Winkler Family will serve on September 5. Thanks to Dorothy Call and Carolyn Swafford for the cakes. Please contact Alice Evans 778-7825 if you will help us cook and/ serve.

BUDGET: We gave a Love gift for medical expenses to Keith and Dalene Call. Three gifts for the beginning of school expenses: Tennyson Center for Children, Needs, Laramie Cathedral Home. A donation to the Voice of the Martyrs for 5 ACTION PACKS.


LATER THIS MONTH: We will begin our donations for BABY BOTTLES for LIFE                         


  CHOICE ON August 25th, September 1, and 8.  






    Alice Evans, Outreach Team Leader

CWF - Disciple Women

     The Christian Women's Fellowship better known as CWF is open to all the women of the church. Even those that are outside of our church that want to be part of a Christian Women's Group are welcome.

     The fellowship is made-up of three small groups. They all meet on the second Thursday of every month. Martha Ruth meets at 9:30 am at the church. Lydia meets at 1:00 pm in homes, and Sarah also meets in homes at 6:00 pm. These meetings all have a business time, sharing time, and a short Bible lesson. It is a wonderful way to share concerns and celebration so everyone gets to know each other.

     CWF also has a board of six officers and the three group leaders. This is where 6 annual church or ladies events are planned such as the : Chili Cook-off and the Ladies Spring Lunch. The small group also helps with church duties which are rotated each month. These duties include: Cookies for 1st time visitors, Cleaning Kitchens, Laundry and other things. Each group is assigned a short list of our Golden Friends that are remembered by sending cards, making calls, and given a gift at Christmas. All are encouraged to take part in Christian events in the city, state, regional and national gatherings and retreats.

     We invite you to come and be part of this wonderful Christian Fellowship. Just ask or just come and check us out. You will be welcomed!



Attention Elders, this is the schedule for serving at the table for August        2019.  Please save the dates on your calendar. See you on Sunday!

August 2019

11th- Marti Henrickson(presiding), Allan Cunningham(bread), and Mary Parsons(cup).

18th-Merle Bailey(presiding), Andrea Cook(bread), and Jay Bondurant(cup).

25th-Rita Basom(presiding), Linda Chasson(bread), and Ruby Zubrod(cup).