A Look on the Brite Side    May 2020

FARE THEE WELL            


As I enter this last month with you as your Pastor, a couple of things to think about:


  • Please welcome Aerii Smith and her family with a good deal of openness.  She will not do things the way that I have done them.  She has a different personality and emphasis than I have, and no doubt does things differently in worship than I do.  You will have to take time to get used to her and those differences; you will see over time that such things will be assets for you.

  • Though I will be in town until at least October, I will probably not try to see too much of you.  I won’t be back in worship.  I won’t be attending any weddings or funerals in all probability.  And if I do run into you, I probably won’t want to discuss church business.  It’s not meant to be harsh; it’s meant to help you move on to a new pastor.  This is part of the necessary pain of separating from a congregation as a minister.  I’m used to it, painful though it is.  (I may need some help in moving stuff in October, though!  We’ll see about that.)


To say “farewell” to someone means, in the linguistic sense, not “goodbye,” but “I hope that you do all right with life.”  It is in this spirit that I say “farewell.”  I hope that you fare well, that you do all right, or even better than all right, that you continue to pursue God’s life within you and God’s ministry beyond you with a great deal of love, and care, and passion.  I’m headed into the next phase of life where I ask myself the question, “Bob, what you want to be when you grow up?” (Again.)  Whether it’s your journey or mine, we trust in God, who in all manner of things, makes them well.

Fare Thee Well, and blessings,


There were eight present for our meeting via Zoom phone call.


Your generosity is so appreciated. The Week of Compassion Offering was $564 (correction from March report). The Habitat for Humanity Offering was $715 plus the $500 pledged from the Outreach Team, to help with Grant Money Match. We have Thank You Letters from Wycliffe Bible Translator, Needs and The Voice of the Martyrs, they are on display in Fellowship Hall.

We will be placing the quarterly checks on hold until we see how our Giving holds during this time. A policy is needed from our team about giving money for food to a member or person in need. We had discussion on this matter and will bring it to our meeting in May.

Depending on what the future holds for us — The Comea Dinner is still uncertain. We did not serve in April, due to the COVID-19 virus. We will be checking on the situation for May and proceed as the guidelines are given to us.

Please keep donating tuna cans as Needs is currently feeding our community more than ever!!!!!!!!


Alice Evans, Outreach Team Leader


Team 4 & Week 4

Captain: Meredith Bondurant

Judy Osborn

Alice Evans

Duane Wenner

(Alt. Kailey Williams)

Team 5 & Week 5

Captain: Robyn Yetka

Rosie Zubrod

Kailey Williams

Koby Williams

Kora Williams

Tierney Wenner