A Look on the Brite Side    April 2020

Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

Matters are progressing so quickly on the pandemic front that anything I write on the subject would probably be out of date by the time this newsletter reaches you.  We’re trying worship-on-line, but my guess is that it is not nearly as satisfying as being in person. 

The work of the church goes on, and I have some news of the upcoming transition to share.  FCC’s new pastor, Aerii Smith, will be starting her ministry on June 1st, with her first time presiding in worship on June 7.  That means my last Sunday with you will be May 31st, which will be Pentecost Sunday.  Wow, it’s getting real, and it is my fond hope that, by then and hopefully long before, matters will be clarified enough that we can meet in person!

If I were to list the possibilities of how my career in ministry, and my time at FCC Cheyenne would end, dealing spiritually with a global pandemic would not have even been on the list.  But in that context, we are a people of faith and we will proceed with faith.  God is here, helping us to deal with the chaos of life, and the lessons of life we’ll be learning will be profound, I’m sure.  Maybe this will help us to be better neighbors, a more wholesome society, and more caring people as a culture.  Now, there’s a thought!

I’d like to see YOU on Sundays (online or in person??)



There were 8 present for our meeting.

THANK YOU’S TO THE CONGREGATION: Your generosity is so appreciated. The Week of Compassion Offering was $444.00. These Special offerings are so important to the work of our Church Family. As Bob stated Sunday, they are now working and helping with the devastation in Tennessee from the tornadoes.

BUDGET: One of our own is in need of help with expenses and we gave $200. Our quarterly checks pledged will go to Wycliffe Bible Translators, Unaccompanied Student Initiative, Friday Food Bags, and The Voice of the Martyrs. The team voted to match any funds given next Sunday, March 15 to Habitat for Humanity up to $500. This is for their new grant received to build more homes.

TUNA FOR NEEDS: 120 cans for February- Great job Everyone!!

COMEA: The team of Merle Bailey served the dinner on March 5, 59 people. Thanks to Dorothy Call and Carolyn Swafford for the cakes. The Team of Alice Evans will serve on April 2. Please contact Alice Evans 778-7825 if you will help us cook and/or serve. Judy Osborn has agreed to bake an extra cake each month.

Wycliffe Bible Translators Banquet $4600 credit for the hours of volunteers, expenses for dinner, etc. There are 8 churches who support this program. We thank Bill for the generous giving of his time for this program. (The event has been cancelled due to COVID-19.)


Alice Evans, Outreach Team Leader


Team 4 & Week 4

Captain: Meredith Bondurant

Judy Osborn

Alice Evans

Duane Wenner

(Alt. Kailey Williams)

Team 5 & Week 5

Captain: Robyn Yetka

Rosie Zubrod

Kailey Williams

Koby Williams

Kora Williams

Tierney Wenner