Fall Fest 2019

Thank you to everyone that was able to help with the Fall Fest! Thank you to Teresa Cunningham for heading this up and organizing this event.

Turned out wonderful!

Praise the Lord!!!


Smokey the Bear, Princesses and Pumpkins, OH MY!

A Look on the Brite Side    December 2019


“’Tis the season to be crazy!”  Yes, in our wacky world we have jumped things up several notches at this point on the wild ride that is our culture’s Christmas.  Yet for the Christian, there are reminders of other things.  The world celebrates from, well, about now to Christmas Day.  In the church calendar Christmas doesn’t begin till then, and runs through January 6, which is the start of Epiphany.  Society has Christmas music that talks about Grandma being run over by a reindeer; we celebrate a Little Town of Bethlehem.  American Christmas culture is about excess; Christian culture is about a humble journey and birth.


I guess what I’m trying to say is:  Try to bring a little bit of Jesus into your Christmas observances.  (Or as one of my favorite authors put it, “It’s a darn shame that Jesus had to be born during the holiday.”)  The season of Advent is supposed to be one of quietude, of getting ready for the miracle of a child, born to be the Savior of the world.  Somehow that has a tendency to get a little lost in the midst of the festivities.


I, and the staff of the church – Cindy, Teresa, Bethany, Karen, Wade, Karen, Josh, Mark, Ed, Krista, Kassidy, and Tammy – wish you holiness in this season.


                                           I’d like to see YOU on Sundays!!


Senior Trips   September 2019

On September 6th we plan to visit the Salvation Army in Cheyenne where Lt. Chad will give us a tour.  FCC aids the Salvation Army with our church’s Outreach Program.  It will be interesting to see first hand how the gifts of our congregation are used to aid in the continuation of Salvation Army services in our community.  We will meet at 1:00pm at the church for our 1:30pm visit.  Please sign up for this outing with Pastor Cindy by calling 433-8433.

Event has been cancelled and will be rescheduled.


  -Pastor Cindy White


        There were 9(all members of our team) present for our meeting.


THANK YOU’S TO THE CONGREGATION: Needs, Tuna total for October is 62 and that makes our total for the year—862 cans—which should be 1000 now. We also received letters from The Voice of the Martyrs, Wycliffe Bible Translators, and Friday Food Bags. These letters are posted in the Fellowship Hall.

THE RECONCILIATION OFFERING that was taken the last of September to October 1st was $458.00

BUDGET: Our accounting for the year - $200 to Christian Men’s Fellowship to help with meat for Food Baskets at Christmas.

COMEA: The team of Merle Bailey served 79 in November. The Alice Evans Team will serve on December 5. Thanks to Dorothy Call and Carolyn Swafford for the cakes. Please contact Alice Evans 778-7825 if you will help us cook and/or serve. We were sorry to hear Wink will no longer do our buying and delivering of the meal supplies on the first part of the month. He will train someone, so we need a volunteer.

PROJECT FOR OCTOBER: The Wyoming Soldier boxes- 8 are mailed – 7 to Wyoming Deployed Soldiers and 1 to Bess Arnold’s Great-Granddaughter, Bailey.

ANGEL TREE: The callers are contacting the Guardians of the children of an incarcerated parent. We will be needing people to take an angel from the tree in the Narthex and buy a $15 gift for that child. Wrap, and return the gift by Dec. 8. We will deliver these gifts and food baskets on Saturday, December 21 at 9:00-11:00.


    Alice Evans, Outreach Team Leader

CWF - Disciple Women

     The Christian Women's Fellowship better known as CWF is open to all the women of the church. Even those that are outside of our church that want to be part of a Christian Women's Group are welcome.

     The fellowship is made-up of three small groups. They all meet on the second Thursday of every month. Martha Ruth meets at 9:30 am at the church. Lydia meets at 1:00 pm in homes, and Sarah also meets in homes at 6:00 pm. These meetings all have a business time, sharing time, and a short Bible lesson. It is a wonderful way to share concerns and celebration so everyone gets to know each other.

     CWF also has a board of six officers and the three group leaders. This is where 6 annual church or ladies events are planned such as the : Chili Cook-off and the Ladies Spring Lunch. The small group also helps with church duties which are rotated each month. These duties include: Cookies for 1st time visitors, Cleaning Kitchens, Laundry and other things. Each group is assigned a short list of our Golden Friends that are remembered by sending cards, making calls, and given a gift at Christmas. All are encouraged to take part in Christian events in the city, state, regional and national gatherings and retreats.

     We invite you to come and be part of this wonderful Christian Fellowship. Just ask or just come and check us out. You will be welcomed!



Attention Elders, this is the schedule for serving at the table for December  2019.  Please save the dates on your calendar. See you on Sunday!

December 2019