Letter to the Congregation - May 19th, 2020

Sisters, Brothers, and Friends of First CC, Cheyenne, WY

As I head into the countdown of my final two weeks with y’all (I have a license to say “y’all,” as both my parents were Okies,) the times continue for us to be strange, of course.  We’ll be getting a letter to the congregation out following the Board meeting tonight regarding plans for returning to in-house worship. 

I can say with pretty strong certainty that we will NOT be back in house for worship on May 24; as for the rest, we’ll see what the Board decides after they meet tonight. 
Thanks to the people who came to help the Smith family move into their new home yesterday.  Aerii begins her service to the congregation on Monday, June 1.  As for saying “farewell” to your current preacher dude (oh, that’s me!), something may be in the works for a bit later on, since I will be around in Cheyenne until my lease runs out.
Don’t forget to email or call in prayer requests for virtual worship.  Please continue to support your faith community by mailing or bring in your checks to the church.  Please continue to be safe and practice social distancing!
Pastor boB